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Development from Taiwan's automation technology,15 years in the automation industry, quality is guaranteed!

Gitzo introduces advanced technology of Taiwan's automated robots, strictly implements 5S production management standards, comprehensively improves product quality, guarantees products with military quality, stable and reliable performance, and has more than ten years of professional focus on R&D and production automation equipment!


Years of professional R&D, design, manufacturing, service experience

Gitzo Automation has 15 years of experience in mechanical R&D and manufacturing, and has a team of core engineers who have more than 10 years of experience in non-standard automation design and development. Design, R&D, and manufacturing can be fully automated. It is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in automation research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and service. Bringing together technical talents, technological innovation, and Gitzo's superior resources in the industry. Main automatic assembly machine, automatic assembly production line, automatic robot arm, vibrating plate automatic feeding machine, non-standard automation equipment. It is an early manufacturer of automation equipment.



Strict quality inspection, quality assurance

Exquisite technology, with a full range of technology from equipment, process to engineering, can provide a one-stop solution. Quality assurance quality and after-sales service system are perfect, and we are dedicated to providing high-quality industrialized services to our customers. Strict quality testing is the guarantee of high performance. Quality management runs through the entire manufacturing process, precision testing equipment and high sense of responsibility, as well as timely payment and good after-sales service, which enables us to have stronger responsibilities and better service.


Factory direct sales, the price is more favorable!

Enjoy the most favorable price, so we can provide quality products ad same price in the domestic market,and better price at same quality products to a qneater extent to benefit customers!

A good after-sales service

 Quality service establishes customer profiles, communicates with customers on a regular basis, and provides ongoing technical support to customers. After-sales service team professional technical explanation, the first time to reflect customer issues and problems, during the equipment warranty period, free of charge for equipment update Gitzo Automation has established a rapid and responsive service system, covering pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, The customer service provides a fast-responding professional and standardized service to protect the rights and interests of customers. The company will adhere to the "customer worry-free" service principle to allow customers to enjoy professional and quality services.


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